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Small Sized Bedrooms Utilised Efficiently !

After a long tiring day, you desperately want your relaxing bedroom where you can spend the most comfortable hours with your personal aura inside. The upliftment of such particulars is added by fitted furniture designers who understand the actual needs and does homework to represent a number of stunning options in front of you. Customers get worried if the sizes of their smaller bedrooms won’t work properly? But that’s not the problem with our Metro wardrobes fitted furniture professionals.

metro bedrooms

Our planning is apt and specific according to the available space. The doubt of wasting the space that too in the smaller place is highly unaffordable and unacceptable. Our designers have made lots of masterpieces by keeping this factor in mind, for example, utilizing the back of the bed where we give overhead cupboards against central part and even lower cabinets with the side tables of bed also left the open space above side table for keeping space.

Our fitted beds are given with sufficient underneath huge storages for keeping your bundles from the long list. So this how every inch come into the consideration coordinated with fine detailing, functionality and look good aesthetics. As far as our fitted wardrobes are concerned, the sliding door is the perfect thing to go with, without leaving the space of door’s opening and closing. For optimising the available space, the overall connectivity of divisions and subdivisions inside are planned with perfection so that we won’t get the scope of leaving an inch, covering the height of the wall from false ceiling to floor for fitted wardrobes becomes the no 1 option.

metro fitted wardrobes

Provision of amazed longitudinal looking mirrors duplicated your bedroom’s area. Please be very careful with the colours you decide to put, before taking the decision, please get one fact straight away in your mind that darker shades always lessen the space and creates the perception of minimum spatial availability, kindly accept the suggestion of picking neutral and pastel shades from colour palette and their correct combinations are equally important.

Installing components in vertical directions is a good idea type be its wooden furniture, wallpapers and other panelings, straight lines for the furniture edges without elaborated patterns and curves.The well-planned organisation helps us to successful execute our designs and gives an immensely enjoyable living to the users. Your bedroom will never become a mess when you would specify your needs so that every inch of your storage got to know where it has to do, go and get locked in.

metro fitted bedrooms

We originated the foldable system inside the furniture for when it supposed to be used, taken out and when not, kept the same. These kinds of setups need an excellent level of workmanship and superior quality of fitters. We constantly focus on producing products which are more comforting to today’s client who’s time and convenience is way more prior. Bringing the idea to practical manufacture while keeping in mind to create simple yet attractive furniture pieces. Metro bedrooms and kitchens provide you the easy setup for functioning and smooth usage with the most winning capacity in cost effectiveness and inbuilt quality of material used.

Fitted sliding door wardrobe- practical home furniture

Every person in certain moment of life is wondering about buying perfect wardrobe for home interior. Most people are in a dilemma on what type of wardrobe they should buy to have the right one. They are wondering whether they should buy normal, classic hinged door wardrobe or sliding door, modern furniture.

In the present day furniture companies are offering wide range of different style wardrobes. Most common used wardrobe is the one with sliding doors. Although, sliding door wardrobe is very popular these days, hinged door wardrobe is very beloved in some houses as well.

Sliding wardrobe doors
Sliding wardrobe doors

People who value the organisation and neatness of their interior often choose the sliding door wardrobe as it does not decrease the available space in the room. A fitted wardrobe with sliding doors is the ideal furniture for people who want to put their staff away while not taking as much space of the room as it is needed.

People who have need to utilise their space of any interior in the most efficient way should buy sliding door wardrobe as it is the one that would fit perfectly in every kind of requirements. Fitted sliding door wardrobe is specially designed and made to measure recording to customer’s needs. Also this kind of wardrobe can provide the room with that unique look of the room as it is the kind of furniture that fulfil the décor of the room while not taking as much space as the other wardrobes.

Sliding door wardrobes come with variety of styles and designs these days as it can be seen on People have the ability to choose from whole range of different types of door. All the sliding door wardrobes are designed in a smart and special way to extract the maximum use of it.

Sliding wardrobe doors
Sliding wardrobe doors

This kind of wardrobe is offering much more than just extra space. It has many advantages such as luxury, efficiency and style. Every wardrobe is made to suits best in any room.

Sliding door wardrobe is essential as it offers the storage option that would profit any room in tidiness and organisation no matter how much space is available.


Stunning dresser for your room

Having a dressing table in a bedroom is always a good idea!

METRO dressing table


Not only does it give you this extra storage space but also, with a right design, makes your room look amazing. With abundance of colors and finishes now available on the market, you can be sure that one of the companies will provide you with a dresser that will match your wardrobes or bed frame to a 100%.


METRO dressing table







Fitted Furniture – a simple solution for picky shoppers

If you are tired of constant mess and dust in your bedroom and want to change its look, but cannot find something you really like, you might consider having fitted furniture installed in your room. How would this help?

metro fitted bedrooms

It is very easy! First of all, having fitted furniture means having furniture designed and made especially for you! There are no standard sizes or pre-made, free standing units that will never fit to your odd corner. Fitted wardrobes are made to fit the dimensions of your room, no matter how awkward they are.

Let’s say you have a sloping ceiling or a chimney breast and want to have wardrobes in this part of your room: fitted furniture will be made in a way to cover anything that you want to be covered and will look as it has always been meant to be there and what is more, will give you vast amounts of storage space! Indeed, storage space that fitted furniture gives you is one of its biggest advantages.

Depending on what your needs are, you will have the internals designed according to your specifications; you can even decide on the depth of wardrobes that would work best for you and your room. If your bedroom is small, you’d better go for sliding doors that will save you even more space. Not to forget about all the accessories now available like shoe racks, tie racks or trouser rails that help you keep your stuff clean and organised, or drawers especially designed for jewellery or sunglasses!

If you want to make your bed a central point of your room, you can add bridging unit above and bedsides to give you even more storage space.

Fitted wardrobes are usually floor to ceiling which means there will be no more layers of dust on the top of your wardrobes, neither underneath – fitted furniture saves you more than just space, it saves your time.

Fitted furniture market is now so big, that every customer will find what they are looking for.